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Sachin Mahajan is the Global Consulting Head@mobileLIVE

Sachin Mahajan's Bio:

Sachin Mahajan is a telecom enthusiast and has helped lead strategic programs for CxO’s spanning 4 continents and 7 countries. Quite simply, he turns ideas into viable commercial realities.

His roles have included responsibility for all aspects of this process including Strategy formulation, Business Analysis & Planning, Creating & managing teams, Product & Service Development , Project Management, Business Development, Providing Sales Support and GTM activities

Sachin supports clients with innovative analysis, consulting and thought leadership on disruptive opportunities and success strategies.  He has led many engagements with large global enterprises to evaluate asset and technology portfolio positions, regional strategies, and investment priorities; helped develop, evaluate and implement major growth initiatives, and design and execute corporate and business unit strategies including portfolio structuring and M&A. 

Sachin Mahajan's Experience:

Sachin Mahajan's Education:

Sachin Mahajan's Interests & Activities:

IoT, Big Data, Blockchain, Telecom, Wireless, Technology, GTM, Product Development, Management Consulting, Strategy

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